Global Robot Expo celebrates its 2020 edition in search of innovative businesses

Oct 05, 2020 · 2 mins read
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Next October 20th and 21st, the main stakeholders of robotics, innovation and 3D printing technology will meet at the new 100% digital edition of GR-EX 2020 Global Robot Expo. This annual event brings together companies related to the development of innovative businesses that decide to opt for the future of advanced technologies. This year, the new disruptive environment, virtual and immersive, the company RobotUnion will have a special role as a PLATINIUM sponsor.

The multi-sectorial essence of innovation is in full expansion guaranteeing the technology fair GR-EX an attractive meeting point. In addition, an impact is expected among high-level professionals with a thirst to find the latest advances in artificial intelligence, industry, robotics, logistics, among others.

Sponsors, collaborators, speakers and exhibitors will generate the perfect scenario to interact with potential clients, to value your brand and to take advantage of the commercial opportunity. On the other hand, this 100% digital version, comes for the visitors with the design of their own avatar through which, they will be able to visit exhibitors, attend conferences and walk around as if they were present at the fair.

The first European acceleration program in the field of robotics, RobotUnion, aims to support European robotics companies and boost their growth and competitiveness worldwide. The GR-EX 2020 show will form a new, virtual, high-level and interactive networking ecosystem to convey this passion for innovation and technology.

Through different direct collaborators of the RobotUnion program, the different results and experiences of the companies that have been offered support will be addressed. Among the guests at the fair are Izabela Zrazinska, coordinator of the Fundingbox project, who will present the project and the main achievements of the accelerated companies; Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira, Director of ISDI Accelerator, who will explain the methodology used within the program for guidance in business management; and Francisco Luque Cañones, Innovation Manager at the Innovation Center for Intelligent Structures (CI3), who will discuss the main challenges of the collaboration process between corporations and start-ups to bring innovative products to the market.

The fair will also feature seven of the companies benefiting from the RobotUnion program. They will be present in different stands whose purpose is to present their solution to the public and their passage through the program.