Genshin Impact, a freemium mobile RPG, grossed $245M

Oct 29, 2020 · 1 min read
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miHoYo’s addictive mobile RPG Genshin Impact has gotten off to a tremendous start. Within its first month of release, the free-to-play title has already raked during a staggering $245 million USD in in-game purchases worldwide.

The Genshin Impact has had one among the strongest launch months ever for a mobile title, beating out the launches for titles like Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes and even Epic Games’ almighty Fortnite for mobile.

Amazingly, this figure doesn’t include any profit made up of the PS4 and PC editions, nor from the Android version in China, it seems pretty snug to suggest that the charming adventure title has seen record-breaking success.

Just take a look at this infographic provided by SensorTower: