Gary V’s new venture, Obsessed TV Follow Jan 30, 2010 · 1 min read
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Ioften feel like Google and Facebook are battling to take over the world while Gary Vaynerchuk is slowly and steadily trying to take over anything related to a video camera.

You may know Gary from his various appearances on the Today Show or Conan O’Brien. Maybe you know him from Wine Library TV or his marketing site. Whatever it is, Gary is all over and he’s just extended himself a little further.

Gary now owns 50% of new venture / production company Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus. From what I can tell, Samantha is sort of an expert on experts. She knows all the right people and knows where to find them and what information they can offer. Sort of makes her the perfect talk show host.

Obsessed TV is the traditional interview-a-star talk show format created for the Web. Their goal is to “entertain and enlighten while revealing the personalities behind its exceptional interviewees.”

While you might have seen Dylan Lauren gracing the cover of your favorite magazine, only on Obsessed can you gain meaningful insight into the passions and struggles of the hard working entrepreneur. While you may be aware of Lillian Vernon’s catalogue, only on Obsessed will you really meet the woman behind the brand and hear her powerful story. While you may have heard Peter Greenberg talk about travel deals on the Today Show, only on Obsessed will you find out how he met the love of his life and the path he traveled to get where he is. Every morning show in America trots out experts to tell us about their latest books and accomplishments. But only Obsessed strips away the facade and brings the people behind the names to life.’

The main host and star will be Samantha. At the end of each episode, Gary will steal the show with a 3-minute segment on wine. Samantha and Gary are targeting Obsessed TV at “the Oprah set” - women between 25 and 55. Below I’ve embedded a 25-min-ish clip of an interview with food writer Mark Bittman.

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