French Tuesdays in San Francisco

Feb 05, 2007 · 1 min read
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Until recently, you may not have heard of French Tuesdays as they just recently started offering their parties in San Francisco. Their Grand Opening was held in March at the Supper Club, and now San Franciscans are no longer deprived of these swanky gatherings held at the hippest clubs. Keep in mind though, In order to attend, one must be a member and to become a member one must be reccommended by two other existing memebers. Though, if you arent’ a memeber you may attend if an existing member RSVP’s for you. Got that?

They are strict about who gets in at the door and enforce a strict dress code that adheres to the theme of the evening. This is the type of scene where it’s actually worth the aggrevation to make it happen and attend. I recently covered the event at Harlot and had an insiders’ view of what this scene is about. There was a Black & White theme, plenty of champaign for everyone as it was sponsored by champagne giant Laurent-Perrier and there was no shortage of the “Beautiful People.” Very indeed!

French Tuesdays was founded by Pierre Battu, a Paris native and co-founder Gilles Amasalle four years ago. Their parties have spread from New York City to Mimi Beach, Los Angelos and most recently to San Francisco. Events are held every other Tuesday and on special events including Halloween and New Years Eve. Its an ecclectic, mixed crowd with around 30% French, 30% American and 30% of everyone else looking for a good time out on the town.

Here’s to the next party to be held on Tuesday, June 5th. Make sure to hook up with some members so you can attend. For more info you can contact