FOURSQUARE will be adding audio alerts to their platform

Oct 17, 2020 · 1 min read
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According to VentureBeat, Foursquare will no longer just offer us recommendations of places on our phones based on where we are at any given time and what we want to do, but will also accompany us as a virtual audio assistant, proactively offering recommendations through our own headsets based on where we are.

This means that it will be the assistant himself who will be offering us recommendations without the need for us to ask him at every moment, paying attention to where we are at every moment when we are walking, running, cycling, etc.

In this sense, on October 20th the platform specialized in place recommendations will launch its new application called Marsbot for AirPods, initially for the iOS platform.

This will be the platform’s first foray into what is known as Augmented Reality audio (Augmented Reality does not always have to be visual through specific glasses), and will not only offer recommendations for places, but will also allow users to record their own recommendations through their audio clips, which in no case will exceed ten words.

This means that users will receive both Fourquare’s own recommendations and those of other users who have wanted to share their advice with future visitors. Obviously, the platform will be aware to avoid abusive uses of this feature, and will work all over the world, although for the time being it will have audio recommendations for cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

It should be noted that these will be merely recommendations based on location, not the typical audio guides that users find in places like museums to make specific routes.

And despite the name, it will work with any headset. All that’s left now is for them to release the AirPod version of Marsbot for Android phones.

In any case, it sounds quite interesting, especially for when visiting unfamiliar cities, which allows you to have references to visit from each site, or if you want to get to know new sites in a certain place.