Flex.io, From Web Services to Spreadsheets

new.blicio.us Follow May 02, 2020 · 1 min read
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Location: Chicago Website: https://www.flex.io

On-demand data from web services, directly in your spreadsheet. Turn any API, file or database table into a custom enrichment function for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

They Just went live with our store in January. We’ve developed a system to pipe data from APIs, file systems and systems of record directly to Excel and Google Sheets, using simple, familiar spreadsheet functions. Primary use would be data enrichment and list generation – for example, enriching lead data with Hunter, FullContact or Crunchbase or grab lists of user data from Intercom or Pipedrive or social media. It’s team-centric and developer friendly, so beyond ‘no code’, we also see a new way for IT to distribute on-demand, refreshable data instead of CSVs on network drives.

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