Fleetsmith, the new company bought by Apple to manage devices remotely

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Fleetsmith, the new company bought by Apple to manage devices remotely
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The new investment of Cupertino’s is destined to the purchase of Fleetsmith, a startup that allows for the remote management of devices.

This company, which now has the Apple seal of approval, has a cloud service that simplifies the process of equipment management. These are the devices that are compatible with the tool and what we know about the purchase.

Fleetsmith, an Apple purchase without much publicity

Although Apple did not advertise or comment on the sale at the WWDC’s opening event (here are all the details), Fleetsmith itself did make the announcement on its official blog.

Although the press release does not reveal the price of the acquisition, they did let us know that their technology will be used in Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

This service will take advantage of Apple’s Device Registration Program, which provides the ability for IT departments to put equipment online once it is taken out of the box and turned on. As company CEO Zack Blum commented, “From the customer’s perspective, they can send devices directly to their employees. The employee unwraps it, connects to Wi-Fi, and the device automatically enrolls in Fleetsmith.

With the platform enhancements, it will now also be possible to automatically update devices with the operating system, perform security updates, and provide IT managers with a status dashboard for all devices under management.

On the other hand, just because Apple has purchased this remote management option does not mean that it will leave Jamf, the leading software for configuring and automating IT management tasks for macOS, iOS and tvOS devices, behind. However, at this time when so many workers are working from home, Fleetsmith will be more key to the company.

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