Five Creative April Fools Sites That Are Still Online Follow Apr 01, 2023 · 1 min read
Five Creative April Fools Sites That Are Still Online
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Here are five creative April Fools’ campaigns that are still online:

  • Doodle Fruit - In 2015, Google launched a joke site called Doodle Fruit that allowed people to grow their own hybrid fruits through simulated breeding and grafting. The silly fruit breeding game is still playable on the Doodle Fruit site.
  • Reddit Mold - In 2011, Reddit launched a spoof experiment where a “mold” could spread throughout comment threads, obscuring letters. Users had to buy spores and figure out how to contain the outbreak. The original Reddit Mold site explaining the joke remains up.
  • - The nerdy gadget shop ThinkGeek is known for its annual over-the-top April Fools’ products like canned unicorn meat or beard hair conditioner. Past years’ joke products live on through their archive.
  • Force-Scent Phone - Phone case maker OtterBox fooled fans in 2014 by suggesting force-scented cases for Star Wars mobiles that emitted smells matching movie scenes. The video and site still bring laughs.
  • Job Titles for Dogs - In 2017, startup jobs site AngelList joked about listing gig openings for pups complete with silly titles like “Chief Chew Toy Officer.” The dog recruitment humor page remains online.
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