Finutive, the startup that helps more than 300 startups manage their finances digitally Follow Nov 20, 2020 · 2 mins read
Finutive, the startup that helps more than 300 startups manage their finances digitally
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One of the great challenges that every company has to know how to face in order to make businesses prosper is to correctly manage the world of accounting. Thanks to a good management of it, many companies not only manage to save, avoiding superfluous or badly focused expenses, but it also helps to face new business or investment strategies. With clear accounting, the future can be much more defined.

Aware of this reality, there are more and more startups and entrepreneurs who decide to outsource these services, so they opt for tax advisors who also take the accounting issues when managing the company’s numbers. For this reason, getting the right one is transcendental. One of the great advices is to go to those who have a wide experience in the sector, as it is the case of consultancies as Finutive, which in less than two years has constituted more than 300 companies.

On the other hand, it is also advisable that the company that is going to manage the accounts speaks the same language, or in other words, knows perfectly the sector in which the client is moving, the pros and cons that may affect and adapt to a changing business world, such as the current one. This is the case of Finutive, a startup that has both experienced and young staff being much easier to be in tune in this aspect.

The experience of this consultancy is also important, as it will guarantee continuous and specialized advice for each company. SMEs and startups will find in it the right people to register or terminate a worker, to make the settlements and payments according to schedule, the management of grants … an infinite number of procedures that are often complicated for people who have no experience and do not know how to do these procedures.

Another great advantage is that they have specific programs for managing accounts, something that entrepreneurs do not usually have or whose licenses imply an added expense to the rest of the invoices they have to pay. Because the option of free software is not advisable due to a lack of security, since there is talk of managing hypersensitive information. An omitted detail would imply unnecessary fines. Not knowing the law does not exempt you from complying with it, or as the classic saying goes, “ignorantia juris non excusat”.

Therefore, resorting to the help of consulting firms also means saving on costs and the guarantee of a job well done by experts in the sector, who are fully dedicated to the successful management of one of the most important parts of companies, namely accounting work. And even more so if it is an online consultancy that can be consulted comfortably from home or from the office, at any time of day and with a specialized team.

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