FAS of Russia demanded from Apple to provide competitive conditions for developers

Aug 30, 2020 · 1 min read
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On August 28, 2020 the Russian anti-monopoly agency demanded from Apple to provide competitive conditions for developers of mobile applications. The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has issued an instruction to Apple according to which the company must amend the rules of the App Store by November 30, 2020. Now the company may not miss the applications for any reason, even if they fully meet all the requirements. This paragraph must be eliminated.

Apple may face a fine from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rubles for failure to comply with the requirements of FAS. Apple may appeal the requirements of the FAS order within three months.

Previously, on August 10, 2020, the FAS found that in the fall of 2018, after the release of iOS 12 with a pre-installed application Screen time, Apple began to restrict the tools and capabilities of third-party developers of parental control applications, resulting in such applications lost some important functionality.

FAS also found that company documents guiding the developers contained ambiguous interpretation provisions, as well as provisions based on which Apple could reject (prevent) any third-party app in its App Store, even if it met all company requirements. This paragraph violates paragraph 1 of Article 10 of the Federal Law of 26.07.2006 № 135-FZ “On Protection of Competition”.