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DynaDomains is a marketplace that allows domain investors to make monthly income on their parked domains while also making them available to small businesses and entrepreneurs for a very low monthly rate.

Generate Income off your unused domains

Own a few domains you have been waiting to sell or just aren’t using? Point them to DynaDomains and turn them into revenue-generating assets. You retain the ownership of the domain the entire time - just a simple 301 redirect is needed to get going. Once on-boarded, your domain will be available on the marketplace. You make a commission (>50%) on each geo-lease for your domain. You can have hundreds or thousands of geo-leases active on a single domain!

We also facilitate the purchase and sale of domains pointed at DynaDomains via our marketplace - so that you don’t miss the big sale when it comes in.

Access to premium domains for next to nothing

Premium domains can most times be reserved for domainers (domain investors), but these assets are typically out of the price range for small business owners and entrepreneurs with reasonable marketing budgets.

With DynaDomains you can have access to premium domains in the area that you care about. With our application we allow you to define your geo-lease by drawing on a map, this way you only pay for the geography your care about.

Usage Example

If you are a small business flower business in Manhattan and your current domain is upperwestsideflowers.com - this domain is hard to market with, as it is very long. I can lease a premium domain like nyflowers.com ($1300 value) for $5 a month over the entire island of Manhattan or whatever geography is within your delivery zone.

Anyone physically inside the geo-lease who visits nyflowers.come will be redirected to upperwestsideflowers.com. You can pay for this domain use all year or just my busy season - as the geo-lease is month to month. When you reserve a geographic area it is exclusive and no other geo-leases can overlap with it.

Get started

Own a premium or unused domain or need a domain for marketing? Get started with a free account on DynaDomains.co or check out our Marketplace.

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