DOJ charges six people who allegedly bribed Amazon employees and contractors since at least 2017 Follow Sep 19, 2020 · 1 min read
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According to Amazon itself, it has been cooperating with federal authorities to get to the bottom of this peculiar case as soon as possible

  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the biggest victim of this fraud scheme is the general public
  • Amazon reaffirmed that it is happy with the way the authorities have carried out the process against the people involved = He also said that systems have been added to detect suspicious and illegal activities between external vendors and his platform

Although there are several processes against large technology companies for their alleged monopoly power over the market, one of the most important is that of Amazon. In general, the retail giant is accused of having too strong a hold on its marketplace, which could help it overpower any potential rival. Of course, there are many secondary factors involved in this phenomenon. And among them, a bribery scheme.

According to Reuters, the U.S. Department of Justice has just accused six people of participating in a bribery and fraud scheme on Amazon. These crimes allegedly involved employees and suppliers of the online retail platform. Some of the individuals who will now face the US government are former employees of Jeff Bezos’ company. In this regard, the brand regretted the activities and actions of the group.

What exactly are these former Amazon employees being accused of? Apparently, the defendants intended to pay over $100,000 to gain an unfair advantage at Jeff Bezos’ sales site. Specifically, their plan was to reinstate several goods that had already been blocked from the site onto the platform. This bribery scheme would have resulted in an estimated $100 million in revenue, affecting consumers and rivals.

A new crisis for Amazon? This is not the first time there is talk of bribery or fraud within a large company. For example, the World Bank recently sanctioned a company where Carlos Slim is a majority shareholder for fraudulent practices. On the other hand, last year a controversial deal between Disney, Omnicom and Publicis was announced. The agencies got the mouse company’s account after promising media deals with other clients.

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