We’re DLCExchange: we provide a gamer specific marketplace to safely and securely buy, trade or sell digital download codes and in-game assets between gamers.

URL: https://www.dlcexchange.com

Location: South Africa and Australia but incorporated in Delaware as a C Corp

Elevator Pitch: We remove the risk of buying and selling DLC codes including pre-order bonuses (pokemon sword and shield backpack, etc) by validating codes with our propriety APIs prior to concluding the sale. This ensures codes are valid for the product at the time of sale. Users can also post requests for specific DLC codes and price they willing to pay. The goal is to provide an easy and safe marketplace for digital goods reducing the likelihood of scams or account bans due to codes bought using stolen Credit Card's.

Current stage: in development with 3 founders (Tech, Business and UX.UI).

Feedback Requested: I would like feedback on-page, do you understand the product and why you would or wouldn’t sign up for the beta. What could I do on-site to get you to sign up for the beta?

Investment: If you know any investors in US or accelerators that are game-specific please let me know. We are currently in the Startup School and also Pioneer.app.