Discoverify: An Enhanced Way to Discover Music on Spotify

Dec 25, 2020 · 2 mins read
Discoverify: An Enhanced Way to Discover Music on Spotify
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Spotify’s algorithm stands out for the accuracy of its music recommendations, which can be found mainly through the Weekly Discovery lists or the Daily Mixes.

The discovery options are not limited to these two options, as there are more instances that allow the same, such as theme stations or recommendations to add new titles to playlists. However, the spotlight is usually on the Weekly Discovery, with recommendations that are lost after a week.

We highly recoomend trying Discoverify, an open source tool that, using the benefits of Spotify’s recommendation algorithm, emulates the process of making the aforementioned discovery playlist, but to generate another list in parallel, updated daily.

The activation process is simple. Simply go to the Discoverify website and click on the “Login With Spotify” button. Spotify will then request permission for the app to work with your account (without discriminating between the premium subscription and the free plan) and generate this new playlist automatically.

How can I speed up the Weekly Discovery of Spotify with daily updates?

Discoverify works thanks to Spotify’s recommendation algorithm, which is accessible through its API. This is the same system that generates the original Weekly Discovery for your account, plus the stations and all the special playlists created based on your listening habits.

There are several methods used by this recommendation mechanism. On the one hand, the platform analyzes at a macro level (big data), listening patterns among all its users, and based on that, recommends topics that others listen to. For example, if you listen to music by artists “A” and “B” often and among most of their listeners, you also usually hear artist “C”, most likely to end up among your recommendations.

Also, Spotify uses technical information, at the audio level, to make its recommendations. As well as looking at the metadata of the tracks you listen to, its algorithm is able to analyse aspects such as tempo, key and volume, to add tracks matching your preferences to its recommendations.

In itself, the Weekly Discovery is nothing more than a selection of recommendations inspired by the artists you listen to and follow, but with a filter that chooses only songs you haven’t heard before, at least from this platform.

The dynamic behind Discoverify rescues all of this, but with a rhythm of updates that could be to the liking of those hardened music lovers who spend an important part of their days with Spotify music.