COwin-KIDS : controlling the virus in schools

Sep 01, 2020 · 1 min read
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There are already several solutions being born to help in this process, and today they present us with one developed by Enzyme Advising Group and SeniorDomo.

It is called COwin-Kids, and its goal is to help schools prepare for the return trip.

On the one hand, they offer a bluetooth pendant for the students. This device will allow them to record the contact they have had with other children less than 1.5 meters away for 15 minutes, something similar to the app that the Spanish government encourages us to install in our mobiles.

In addition to the pendant, which will offer the possibility of having an anonymous record of all contacts, we will have a web app for the center to manage key information, where they will be able to see in which classrooms there are more contacts at risk, identify chains of contacts and communicate to parents the measures and rules adopted.

Finally we have the parents’ app, which will measure the exposure of the students. With this app we will communicate to the school a positive Covid-19, and that way parents will be notified of students who have been close to the infected (without informing who it was).

The idea is to have a control within the school similar to the one the government wants to have all over the country. They guarantee the anonymity of the students, which is important to avoid rejection, and helps to increase reflexes when implementing measures to cut the chain of contagion.