Location: Brisbane, Australia
Website: https://counterpick.com.au/

Pitch: In eSports (like most sports), only the top 0.01% of competitors are able to make decent money, and millions of incredibly talented people are unable to monetise the skill that they have spent hours honing.

CounterPick fixes this problem by allowing users to wager that they will beat other players or their friends in a 1v1 game. They select a game and platform and queue up to be placed with a player of similar skill, or challenge other players directly. If they win, they make money. CounterPick takes a rake from each game. Available to Australian residents only. Must be 18+ to play.

Details: We are close to finalising development of the website and will be entering an internal testing phase shortly, before launching into beta in a few weeks' time. We have received some beta signups using our landing page directed from very low spend FB ads to test messaging.

Looking For: Feedback and general thoughts, especially concerning design.

Discount: If you are 18+ and an Australian resident, use code 15232570 on the landing page and we'll give you a free $5 game when we launch!


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