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Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas
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It’s a bit of a stereotype that corporate events equal big snoozefests. While business information and network should be the main focus, it’s quite trendy to also provide entertainment to attendees.

This article will go over some interesting ideas to spice up your business-related events.

Rides & Racing

While it’s not your county fair, it’s nor outlandish to have fun rides if your event has free outdoor space. For example, you may hire fun autoscooter companies to deploy rides for the attendees’ children (or even adults) to enjoy between events.

Be sure to keep safety in mind when setting up rides at your events.

Comedians & Humorous Speakers

Having comedians, or simply those good at giving light-hearted speeches, is a great way to temper and audience for more serious business matters. You might even hire one to give the full presentation if you feel your team lacks the speaking skills to do so.

The cost of this sort of thing varies, whether you want to contract a well-known comedian or someone from a local night club. The time of year is also a factor in pricing. Look into local talent agencies and you might find someone that will connect with your crowd.

A Music Club

Imagine a room with live DJ music, professional dancers, and a light show. You’d think you weren’t at a business event at all!

Dance club themes are becoming more popular at some business events, especially for younger startups. You can choose to host music and dancing in another part of the event venue, or if it’s appropriate, it can be an integral part of it.

Raffles & Giveaways

Hosting giveaways that will not only incite the competitive spirit in your company’s team but also give them a financial incentive to show up in the first place. One of the classic ways of doing this is by hosting a raffle, in which everyone can either purchase or be issued tickets as entries.

Giveaways can also be done digitally, and to keep things modern, it can also be integrated within social media to include those with a non-physical presence.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a hot business right now, and it’s even being utilized in events like Comic-Con. The concept is to make a group of people, and quite possibly strangers, to work together to solve puzzles to get out of the room.

Attendee Centered Events More likely than not, corporate event attendees would appreciate events in which they have some level of interaction. This can be commonly done in the form of Q & A sessions with presenters.

One idea to spice things up is to give random people a chance to speak. A Catchbox is a throwable microphone that allows audience members to toss it around to people around them, sometimes to people they know or a stranger.

Rock Concerts Either before or after the more business-oriented parts of the event, you can hire local musicians to put on a live concert. Of course, you should be mindful of the content of the music and if it’s family-friendly enough.

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