Control your social networks if you are looking for a job Follow Oct 01, 2020 · 2 mins read
Control your social networks if you are looking for a job
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Your social network postings can be a problem when it comes to finding a job, do you know what you’re sharing?

If years ago to look for a job you had to go to the classified ads in newspapers or have contacts, today the bulk of job searches are made on the Internet. Job portals are very popular and in an increasingly connected world you have to fill out profiles and post offers online, but this digitalization can also play against us.

When it comes to selecting a candidate, it is very common for companies to search for the person in Google and social networks. Whether for information or other purposes, the content they find is a problem on a number of occasions.

In a study by InfoJobs, up to 22% of the candidates are rejected because of their social networks. An important handicap for the people who share the most in these platforms.

This can be a difficult factor to control. Because freedom of expression is always present and each person should be free to share the content they want as long as they do not fall into certain extremes contemplated by the law. But beyond that, it is almost impossible to know if a human resources person has logged into your Twitter or Instagram profile and discarded you. search engine

Although Google is the most used search engine, there are other very useful search engines with which to obtain different results, do image searches or navigate with greater privacy. We show you the best alternative search engines.

The photographs that are uploaded, the political opinions, having participated in social movements, the ideas that underlie in general… It is difficult to find a balance between absolute freedom of expression and getting a job, unfortunately. And the solution can be difficult to find, because do you have to control your image in your personal life to improve your employability?

In any case, at least it is advisable to be aware of this aspect and that everyone knows what they share or not, as well as the privacy they have configured in their social networks. In this hyper-connected context it is at least good to get an idea of what the situation is.

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