Clubhouse introduces new functionality to give money to creators Follow Jan 20, 2021 · 1 min read
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Clubhouse, the social network of the moment that with only one year of life is already valued at 1,000 million dollars, has announced a new feature, through which its users will be able to send money to content creators.

Specifically, the social network has made the announcement of this new feature through its official blog, which will allow the monetization of content. It is Clubhouse Payments, and as they have explained, it is the “first of many functions that allow creators to receive payments directly in Clubhouse”.

The way to use it will be very simple, since Clubhouse users will only have to go to the profile of the content creator to whom they want to make the payment and if this functionality is activated, there will be a section in which they will put “send money”, where they will be able to enter the amount they consider.

According to Clubhouse, 100 percent of the payment will go directly to the creator. Of course, the person sending the money will be charged a small card processing fee that will go directly to the company’s payment processing partner, Stripe, but Clubhouse will not keep any of the money.

At the moment, this new feature is only available to a select group of people in Clubhouse, although it is expected to be rolled out globally to the rest of the users soon.

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