Chrome OS Single Sign-In to Aide Google’s World Domination?

Feb 09, 2010 · 1 min read
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Google’s upcoming Chrome OS is still very much under wraps, but recent reports have indicated that there will be a single sign-in option. This report is based off some code found in Chromium, the open source project aligned with Chrome OS. What this report indicates is that there may be some potential conflict with the support of other browsers on Chrome’s OS. It also raises questions around how single sign-in will work for an operating system, how it will be integrated with the Chrome browser and other browsers as well.

Google already has an easy option for most browsers, once you’ve signed into any of its services. Click on another Google app and you’re already logged in. This can be frustrating at times, if you want to remain signed into Gmail but use a different username for Blogger. But it certainly makes things simple for most users, especially as Google’s products, services and applications overlap more and more each year.

Tighter integration is the name of Google’s game–we can almost see where Google is going here. So as far as a single sign-in goes for Chrome OS, it would merely be an extension of what Google already provides on the browser level. In fact, this is the case with many of Google’s current initiatives with the Chrome OS.

Such an approach raises other concerns as any possible bundling may hinder Google’s ability to move forward with these initiatives if they prove to be monopolistic. Microsoft faced accusations of bundling with the pre-installation of Internet Explorer on the Windows OS. Nevertheless, Google’s systematic way of tying together its multiple services, products and applications across systems and devices means that consumers will either willingly or unknowingly become a part of this all-encompassing platform.

For Google, the good thing about this approach is that consumers are more likely to adopt an integrated platform when introduced in this manner. The Google brand has been readily established and the company is working towards the wherewithal to provide consumers with the convenience they crave as devices and platforms become more cooperative and accessible in our everyday lives.