Chris Shipley Passes DEMO Baton to Matt Marshall

Feb 09, 2009 · 1 min read
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Shot at Graphing Social Patterns

Shot at DEMO

Disclosure: Chris Shipley and Matt Marshall are good friends)

I guess the rumors over the last year were true.

After 13 as Executive Producer of DEMO, Chris Shipley is passing the torch to VentureBeat founder, and blogger, Matt Marshall.

The DEMO conference is the world-renowned launch platform for some of the most notable emerging technologies introduced over the past two decades.

Chris Shipley, DEMO Executive Producer for the past 13 years, will step down following the DEMOfall event this September.

Marshall will assume the role of Co-Executive Producer for the DEMO 09 and DEMOfall 09 events working alongside Shipley, who is Founder and Chairman of Guidewire Group, the world’s leading analyst firm focused on early-stage companies and emerging markets. For 2010 events and beyond, Marshall will become the sole Executive Producer on the DEMO stage and VentureBeat will take over the task of sourcing, vetting and selecting the companies who will present at each DEMO as well as provide a wide range of new content elements and product offerings to grow and evolve the brand.

Marshall will be just the fourth Executive Producer of DEMO in its near-20 year history. The DEMO conference was founded by Stewart Alsop in 1991.