Chiper, a Colombia-based e-commerce platform for corner stores in Latin America Follow Oct 18, 2020 · 1 min read
Chiper, a Colombia-based e-commerce platform for corner stores in Latin America
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According to Crunchbase News:

Chiper has been amassing a network of digitized corner stores in Latin America for the past two years. Now armed with $12 million in Series A funding, the Colombia-based e-commerce platform for independent merchants is poised to capture even more corner-store retailers.

Investors in the round included WIND Ventures, Monashees and Kaszek Ventures. The company previously raised $13 million from family and friends, giving it $25 million in total fundraising since the company’s inception in 2018, Jose Jair Bonilla, co-founder and CEO of Chiper, told Crunchbase News.

Prior to founding Chiper, Bonilla was co-founder and CEO of Imaginamos, a software studio in Latin America that touts incubating successful startups, including Rappi. He is now joined at Chiper by co-founders COO Oscar Sarria and CRO Carolina Garcia.

More about Chiper

Neighborhood stores in Colombia are still an indispensable business for many families, which is why this platform, which was born in 2018, is focused on them. Store owners can access a database of suppliers to supply their business. This way store owners can find offers and save money by connecting directly to producers.

Also, the delivery time is reduced to 24 hours, which ensures that you will always have merchandise on your premises. According to Jair Bonilla, CEO of this startup, with the use of this platform, entrepreneurs can increase their profits by up to 5%. During 2019 Chiper reached 3000 clients and they already operate in Cali, Medellin and Bogota.

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