CBD Startups Aim to Treat Anxiety

new.blicio.us Follow Jan 05, 2020 · 2 mins read
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With the majority of US States & Canada legalizing marijuana, whether recreational or medical, more data is emerging on how it extracts can be used for mental health. Considering that stress and anxiety are on the rise, people need access to over the counter remedies so they can function without prescription drugs.

Some startups are offering cbd oil for anxiety, which isn’t a novel concept since there are lots of acedemic literature around the subject. The main barrier for entry is mostly social stigma after so many years of prohibition.

The 5-HT1A receptor is known to be related to social anxiety disorders, and CBD is one of the few substances that bind to it. By attacking this one angle of anxiety, this cannabis-based extract is potentially much more powerful than typical prescription treatments.

Aside from that, CBD users have claimed to feel a general calmness and well-being while taking CBD as an oral supplement. It may be just enough to unwind before starting a stressful day of work or school in those with chronic anxiety.

A Cure or Short-term Relief?

One of the downsides of CBD oil is that the effects are short term, so one would have to keep using it alongside Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or other forms of therapy. Anxiety is a complicated subject all-around and the causes of it in some people may not necessarily be a chemical component.

In people with extreme social anxiety, they may tend to flee from and social situation in the first place. One would have to confront their fears, perhaps with a dose of CBD oil to start out, and then keep practicing until people don’t seem so scary anymore.

In any case, there is no scientific journal that suggests CBD should be used as a standalone treatment for anxiety, so don’t cancel your appointments just yet.

Doesn’t Cannabis Worsen Anxiety?

Aside from a funny high feeling and a botched drug test, THC is known to raise anxiety and even worsen other mental health conditions.

CBD oil contains pure Cannabidiol, and depending on its extraction method, there should be an insignificant amount of THC. The government mandates that supplements have a maximum of 0.3% THC, so that should be the upper limit for even the lesser refined products.

It is important to avoid cold-pressed cannabis extracts as it has too many impurities to take the risk. Some oils may market themselves as “high-CBD”, but are not purified if you read the label closely.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been struggling with chronic anxiety, a CBD-based solution may be worth a shot. This substance is considerably safer than smoking pot and a non-toxic alternative to prescription drugs.

It’s as easy as putting a set amount of drops in your morning coffee or making edible treats with CBD as a secondary ingredient. For those that happen to react badly to it, it’s easy to stop taking it cold-turkey with little side effects.

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