The 6 Best Countries for Tech Startups in 2021 and Beyond

May 17, 2021 · 3 mins read
The 6 Best Countries for Tech Startups in 2021 and Beyond
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The pandemic is forcing people to change their lives in dramatic ways, and for some, this may involve restarting their business somewhere else. Here is a list of countries that make business and attracting foreign investors a priority, which is great for startups with specific goals in mind.


Aside from being population-dense and expensive, it’s also one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. And it’s no news that billionaires (like Eduardo Saverin) have been flocking to it for years to avoid complexities in their home countries.

International banks banks are abundant, along with low taxes. The biggest attraction is the speed of incorporating, which can be as low as 1 day.

If you’re interested in a physical presence in Singapore, you should definitely look into the EntrePass business visa.

Hong Kong

The ex-British colony has been a hub for global trade and banking for awhile. Just like Singapore, the taxes are low and local legislation makes it very easy to do business. That’s assuming you have enough money to do so.

The bad news is that Communist China is closing in on the country, so it’s leaving some people uneasy. Practically speaking, it will probably still remain as an international business hub, and it’s proximity to the labor pool of China makes it viable for multi-national companies.


Ireland is a favorite among Apple, Pfizer, Dell, and many more due to the low taxes and ease of incorporating. It’s also seen as an entry point for multi-nationals into the European Union.

As a little guy, the Irish heritage visa is available for anyone who can prove their lineage, and thus move & do business there. For everyone else, you can go the route of investing $500,000 Euros in real estate to be a part of the island of Eire.


Panama gets a bad rap due to the press involving the Panama Papers and ships registered under their flags doing bad things. Underneath the surface, it’s actually quite a comfy place to do run a tech startup with low taxes, a low cost of living, and modern amenities compared to the rest of Latin America.

The internet infrastructure has upgraded in recent years, making it possible to get 1 Gbit fiber optic and 5G cellular signal in the capital city. The biggest gripe is the lack of local talent, but if your operation mostly has remote overseas workers, then it’s a non-issue.

There are multiple visa programs in place, but the cheapest and most logical route to go is the Friendly Nations visa that only requires you to prove around $5,000 in economic solvency and a clean police record.


Speaking of cheap destinations, Lithuana is probably among the cheapest and easiest in Europe to start a business. The taxes are relatively low, the local workforce is cheap, and it’s nearby big economies like Germany, Sweden and Russia.

The barrier for entry is to start a corporation with an endowment of a mere 3,000 Euros. Expect a few thousand more to cover fees and travel costs, of course.

United States

The United States is definitely not the easiest nor most attractive place to create a lean startup, but for high-net-worth companies, you cannot beat the financial infrastructure or talent pool the USA has to offer.

If your operation is remote, setting up a presence by registering a corporation in Delaware or Nevada is the easiest route to go. This will open up business and banking opportunities if you are looking to take on customers in this vast country.

For those desiring a more physical presence, the B-1 investors’ visa is probably your best bet.