Behart: Cuban startup to promote visual art

Oct 05, 2020 · 3 mins read
Behart: Cuban startup to promote visual art
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While the galleries close in times of pandemic, Behart, a Cuban startup keeps its virtual gallery “open”, a new venture in the local scene. Its founder, Adrián Fonseca Mursulí, (CEO and developer) was joined by co-founders Diógenes Hernández (CTO and developer) and Mario A. Ferrer Brossard, (Marketing Director).

The venture is formed by a multidisciplinary team and, in addition, entrepreneur, Yanita Reynaldo (Social Media), who is also co-founder of the agency of influencers CIMA, and Karina Ricardo (Curator), Alejandro Bouso Mozo (Designer) and Laíz Concepción Romero (Journalist and Copywriter).

What solution does it present?

Behart is a Visual Arts Collaborative Network that groups features from social networks, business networks and virtual galleries. Our fundamental objective is to create a collaborative community that encourages the promotion and commercialization of visual art and, therefore, brings art closer to society.

How did you discover the opportunity?

In my experience as a web developer I have had the pleasure of working with visual artists several times. All with different interests and perspectives, but with a common need: the absence of a space to promote their art. Each of these projects served, as a guide and basis, to clarify my suspicions: once they showed their work, the site was there, with no apparent ambition.

I understood that it was not only a matter of creating a website for an artist that would meet his modest expectations, but also of creating a space where, in addition to displaying his work in the form of catalogs, it would merge design, optimization, data segmentation, advanced filters and good practices in order to achieve greater visuality on the Internet.

Why bet on a visual arts platform?

There are many tools available to artists that can be used as a means of promotion: their own websites, online galleries or social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Taking the Cuban visual artist as a reference, websites and online galleries require technological and maintenance costs, as well as knowledge to use such platforms. Moreover, social networks, although their access is free, lack the level of specialization required for artists and visual arts professionals to live together and feel comfortable.

Behart is presented as a specialized alternative, with free registration where each user receives segmented information based on their interests related to the visual arts. It also offers the roles of: artist, gallery, critic, curator, collector, amateur and magazine, each with a different role in the platform that allows them to make themselves known and socialize among themselves through works, events, art texts, publications or direct messages.

What is the business model?

Without a doubt, the option of having a wide coverage to data (information), gives us the opportunity to think about several business models, some closer to our objectives than others, but it allows us to always be in constant movement. Some of these are:

  • The registration to the platform is and will always be free. The access to certain functionalities will be through memberships.
  • Paid advertising within the platform, based on the promotion of works, artists and events.
  • Marketing of works.
  • Specialized services, advertising and virtual exhibitions, these being our first winning products in terms of income.

For a project of this type to grow, and have guarantees to continue providing its users and society, it needs investment capital, at least in the first years of market presence. Behart is designed for the world, that’s our goal, currently we have users from 17 countries, although for now we concentrate on Cuban art.