Bad Small Business Ideas Are a Recipe for a Bad Business.

Oct 24, 2012 · 2 mins read
Bad Small Business Ideas Are a Recipe for a Bad Business.
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The key to building a successful small business is finding the right ideas – the right business to start that works for you.

And it’s a process that takes a little patience and persistance before you really nail down the right business that’ll bring you years of success.

However, it’s a lot easier to forget about thinking long-term and go for that immediate gratification. You want a business? Go ahead, start one up today!

Don’t waste time with details …The less time you spend doing the research, the quicker you can get going and head straight down that slope …

Yeah, the slippery one.

I’ve put together a list of tips to help you come up with a business idea overnight. That way, rather than worrying about success, you’ll at least be able to brag that you started a business – even if it doesn’t make money!

Tip number one - Go for the Money and Nothing But the Money.

Start spending a lot of time and money learning about a business that sounds like it could make you a ton of money. It doesn’t matter that the business bores you or the fact that you have zero knowledge of the industry.

Tip number two - Don’t Try and Learn Too Much.

Don’t research the business or find out who your customers will be of if they actually exist. After all, who wants to deal with customers anyway. They always think they’re right.

As long as your small business idea sounds good to you and some of your friends, it should be fine.

Tip number three - Ignore the competition.

Most customers are willing to give you their money since they know you’re trying to start your own small business. You really mean well, so the money should pour in quite easily.

Even if they’re already got a relationship with someone offering your identical product or service, new customers will probably call you before you even know who they are.

Tip number four - Go for What’s Hot Today!

Start a small business that has to do with the latest fad that’s here today – gone tomorrow. Who cares about long-term-growth, anyway. (You could always go back to your old job, right?)

Tip number five - Jump on the first idea that comes to mind.

As soon as you have an idea, go for it. Forget planning anythying. And don’t try to think of ways to create a specific niche that’ll bring you more money. What a waste of time!

Tip number six - Get that “Overnight Millionaire” kit.

Look for a “business in a box” that says you can make thousands a week without getting out of bed. (Have you thought of stuffing envelopes in bed?)

Those signs on the phone poles are usually where people find fantastic opportunities, too!

Tip number seven - Don’t worry about how you’ll promote your business.

Find a small business idea that doesn’t need any marketing or promotions.

In fact, it’s probably an idea that nobody else has heard about and marketing would only “let the cat out of the bag.”