Austin-based SigmaSense Raises $22M Series A Follow Sep 11, 2020 · 1 min read
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Via Crunchbase:

Austin-based SigmaSense has raised $22 million to bring its touch-screen technology to the broader market.

Foxconn Technology Group led the round, with participation from Corning, former Dell CFO Tom Meredith, E Ink, GIS and MRI. The Series A follows a number of seed rounds, bringing the company’s total funding to around $28 million.

SigmaSense takes the idea of touch-screen technology to another level. The technology can be used for high-hover touchless gestures on screens and can sense through water.

For example–the company’s technology when installed in table tops can sense what’s sitting on the surface, or if a glass of water spills or needs a refill, said CEO Rick Seger.

What is SigmaSense About?

SigmaSense has developed revolutionary detection technology, which will set a milestone in capacitive touch detection. Its rugged displays are ideal for outdoor environments, as they work even when conductive liquids are on them, thanks to a 10-millimeter-thick bulletproof glass. The displays are so sensitive that they can even transmit text written on a piece of paper in graphite pencil. They can detect contact before the connection has been made and also determine the image of objects placed on the sensor. They can capture objects suspended 12 inches away from their production layouts.

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