Armada Ushers in a New Era of Edge Computing, Raises $55 million Follow Dec 12, 2023 · 1 min read
Armada Ushers in a New Era of Edge Computing, Raises $55 million
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Armada recently emerged from stealth mode, announcing over $55 million in funding and a suite of revolutionary products to bring edge computing and AI to organizations around the globe. I’m thrilled by the immense potential of Armada’s innovative technology.

At the core of Armada’s offerings is the Commander Platform - an intuitive portal for managing edge operations from anywhere. Users can easily deploy Armada’s ruggedized mobile datacenters called Galleons, manage fleets of Starlink satellite terminals, unify IoT devices, and access a marketplace of cutting-edge AI applications.

The self-contained Armada Galleons represent a massive leap forward for edge computing. These modular data centers pack serious computing power with GPUs, FPGAs, and multicore CPUs to support data-intensive applications. Equipped with abundant storage and memory, Galleons can interface with on-site and cloud-based resources for comprehensive analytics. Their mobility enables rapid deployment to the most remote regions.

Armada is also streamlining access to SpaceX’s burgeoning satellite internet constellation. Armada Connect delivers enterprise-level control over Starlink terminals, including monitoring, diagnostics, and billing. It even features an AI assistant for real-time alerts and troubleshooting. This makes the famously fast, low-latency Starlink more viable for mission-critical business applications.

Finally, Armada EdgeAI promises adaptable, cutting-edge AI solutions for industries ranging from manufacturing to transportation. These generative and real-time machine learning applications can be optimized for on-prem or edge deployment using Galleons and run with minimal latency.

With exponential growth anticipated in edge data and computing, Armada’s end-to-end hardware and software ecosystem comes at an ideal time. Their decentralized approach is sure to revolutionize how data is processed, analyzed, and acted upon across the globe. I eagerly anticipate seeing organizations leverage Armada’s solutions to drive innovation from their most remote outposts.

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