Aquile Reader, an app for Windows 10 to read and download free e-books

Jan 15, 2021 ยท 1 min read
Aquile Reader, an app for Windows 10 to read and download free e-books
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If you are a reading enthusiast and you are looking for an application to read your e-books in Windows 10, then you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire the tool we will talk about today.

It is a free tool developed with the capacity to offer a good operation in the desktop of a computer, as well as in a touch screen.

Aquile Reader has a wide variety of customization options, along with a modern user interface that offers extra features such as downloading ebooks directly from the app itself.

A remarkable aspect of Aquile Reader is the integration of 6 free ebook sources in its options, which makes it possible for you to directly access specialized sites such as Standard Ebooks and acquire any of the books available there in electronic format.

Other sources of e-books available are Manybooks, Feedbooks, Smashwords, EpubBooks and Gutenberg. There are thousands of free ebooks in multiple languages that you can find with the help of this application.

Added to this, with Aquile Reader you can have the opportunity to import your own DRM-free ebook library so you can read your books in the application, although at the moment it only supports the EPUB format, but it is expected to be added more soon. It also has several display styles, support for notes, bookmarks and highlighting, as well as text-to-speech functions to allow you to read your books aloud.

In addition, we have themes, colors, and fonts as options for reader customization, as well as a search engine and filters, along with collection views that will allow you to see all the notes, highlights, and markers for all the books concentrated in one place.

Other aspects shown by Aquile Reader are reading statistics and book details, such as descriptions, number of words and lines, reading progress, etc.

Aquile Reader, app for Windows 10 to read and download free e-books