Apps and Games Ready for Apple's Vision Pro VR Headset

Lily Polanco Follow Feb 14, 2024 · 4 mins read
Apps and Games Ready for Apple's Vision Pro VR Headset
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Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro virtual reality headset launched on February 2nd, ushering in a new era of immersive computing for the tech giant. With over 600 apps and games available at launch on the visionOS store, there is no shortage of content ready for early adopters of this futuristic device.

Entertainment Apps Offer Immersive Viewing

A major selling point of the Vision Pro is its ability to provide incredibly immersive video and audio experiences. It features a pair of high-resolution micro-OLED displays with support for Dolby Vision, as well as Apple’s advanced Spatial Audio system. This makes it primed for watching movies, TV shows, live events and more in a visually stunning simulated environment.

At launch, the Vision Pro has a wide selection of streaming apps including Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+, Paramount+, Peacock and many others. For sports fans, apps like Red Bull TV, ESPN, PGA Tour, NBA, MLB and more mean you can feel like you have virtual court-side or box seats. Even short form video apps like TikTok and the YouTube-centric Juno are supported.

Productivity Apps Bring Work to the Next Level

While entertainment is a major focus, Apple and other developers also created productivity apps tailored to leverage the Vision Pro’s capabilities. These include Apple’s own Keynote, Mail, Notes and other iWork apps, allowing users to visualize data and collaborate in new ways.

Microsoft also launched Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Teams apps, translating their Office 365 suite into immersive environments optimized for a headset. Other productivity apps like Notion, Box and more indicate the potential for VR to impact how we work.

Communication Apps Focus on Digital Personas

Communication is another key area for the Vision Pro, with apps that allow users to chat or have meetings as customized digital avatars dubbed “personas” instead of typical video calling. Apple provides Persona creation tools and its FaceTime app supports them. Other communication apps with Persona support include Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Slack.

This could revolutionize virtual interactions, though the Persona system is still fairly rudimentary in terms of capturing a user’s actual facial features and expressions. As the technology improves over time, richer virtual social experiences will become possible.

PUBG Mobile on the Vision Pro

Playing Fortnite In Apple Vision Pro

Games Offer Diverse Selection

Gaming in VR has long stirred the imagination, and the powerful Vision Pro headset delivers quality virtual worlds to explore. Over 250 titles from the Apple Arcade library are immediately available, spanning action games like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, adventures such as Lies of P, quirky fun with What the Golf? and more.

Popular controllers like the PlayStation DualSense and Xbox Wireless Controller are also supported. As developers tailor more AAA games directly for VR instead of traditional platforms, the Vision Pro’s gaming credentials will grow even stronger.

Music and Concert Apps Provide Unique Performances

Music is another area where VR can provide engaging new perspectives for fans. The Vision Pro features a suite of music apps at launch that offer immersive listening paired with interactive visuals. Apple Music includes new ways to experience music videos and concerts.

Apps like STAGE+ and AmazeVR Concerts let you have virtual front row seats for classical and pop performances. NowPlaying offers fascinating stories behind your favorite songs. As the technology matures, expect VR concerts and music experiences that rival those in the real world.

Utility and Lifestyle Apps Show Innovation

Beyond entertainment, communication and productivity, the Vision Pro also caters to utility needs and lifestyle interests. Apps like CARROT Weather, Navi and Voyager provide useful everyday information in AR interfaces. Shopping apps from brands like J.Crew, MyTheresa and Zillow allow virtual product previews or house hunting.

For relaxation and wellbeing, there are meditation apps like Endel and Healium. Fitness apps will likely arrive soon too. This demonstrates the versatility of VR in serving apps across countless categories beyond gaming and video.

Room for Growth as More Apps Arrive

While over 600 apps for the Vision Pro is an impressive starting lineup, there is certainly room for more as developers increasingly support this new platform. Noticeably absent so far are apps like Spotify, Instagram, Netflix and other popular services.

However, by utilizing the Vision Pro’s web browsing capabilities, users can still access many sites and apps not yet natively ported over. This helps fill gaps temporarily until more dedicated VR apps emerge.


Boasting advanced technology and robust visionOS software, Apple’s new Vision Pro headset arrives ready to deliver immersive entertainment, productivity, communication, gaming and lifestyle experiences via a vast catalog of apps and games.

With innovative development already underway across many categories, plus Vision Pro’s access to 2D apps, Apple has neatly positioned its VR platform for success. As exciting new apps continue pouring into the visionOS store, Vision Pro owners can look forward to fresh adventures for years to come in interactive virtual worlds.

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