Apple sues Epic Games for breach of contract and seeks damages

Sep 09, 2020 · 1 min read
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The soap opera between Apple and Epic Games by the App Store commission is still going on, but now it’s the company of the apple that is up in arms with a lawsuit against the creators of Fortnite. In it they ask for damages for everything that happened during the last weeks.

Apple responds to Epic’s arguments by naming the changes produced in the game to skip the payment platform as a Trojan Horse. They say it is a strategy orchestrated by Epic to promote its campaign against Apple.

The main evidence they claim to justify that the Fortnite upgrade was just the fuse to light the fire is that they already had the action ready “on multiple fronts: creative, technical, business and legal, just as Mr. Sweeney had previously threatened.

After that, the document rejects Epic’s allegations point by point and points out that their contract with Apple has been broken, that they have not acted in good faith, that their tactics have led them to get rich in an unfair way and that the intention of Sweeney’s company is to seek an economic advantage over Apple and its App Store.

Both companies are awaiting a new court hearing scheduled for September 28th.