Apple has blocked Facebook updates, which calls the App Store’s 30% commission “tax”

Aug 30, 2020 · 1 min read
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Apple did not allow Facebook to tell users in the mobile social networking application that some of the money they spent on built-in purchases or donations remains as tax in the App Store.

The August update of the Facebook application includes a charity function of buying virtual tickets to online concerts and other paid broadcasts organized by artists, singers or just users. The social network thus decided to help content creators partially compensate for their reduced income due to the pandemic.

Facebook planned to agree with Apple that in this case in the App Store users will not be charged a 30 percent tax of the app store on such built-in purchases. But Apple has refused Facebook this opportunity.

After that, the developers of the application Facebook decided to add an information line about this commission of the App Store when making a payment. When the new feature was announced, the screenshots with this line in the updated application Facebook showed to its users.

But this version of the application has not satisfied the moderators of the App Store. They blocked this update. The reason for this refusal is a rule of the App Store, prohibiting developers to show users “irrelevant” (irrelevant) information in the application. Developers of Facebook have removed this line in the current version of the updated application.

Earlier in mid-August, Apple removed the Fortnite application from the App Store due to violation of the terms of placement in the app store after an attempt to enter the mobile version of Fornite possibility to buy the game virtual currency (V-bucks) by direct payment. Apple explained that according to the rules AppStore company must receive a 30% commission from the user to pay for any embedded purchases. Epic Games was supported by Spotify, Tinder, Pavel Durov and Facebook.

In early August this year, Facebook criticized the rules of the App Store, as it was not able to release there a full-fledged application for viewing Facebook Gaming streams. As a result, users of iPhone and iPad were left without built-in mini-games.