Apple buys a Spanish startup that develops AI technology

Oct 29, 2020 · 1 min read
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The technology giant Apple continues to expand its arms and has just invested in the acquisition of a Spanish startup. This is Vilynx, a company specialized in the analysis of content such as videos using Artificial Intelligence technology.

This startup, which is based in Barcelona, was acquired by Apple earlier this year, as Bloomberg recently explained, for about 50 million dollars, although the figure has not been confirmed by either company.

Vilynx has developed a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that is capable of analyzing visual content, either audio or text, in a video to understand what it shows. Thanks to this technology, it was possible to create tags for the video, making it easier to find it in search engines.

Apple could use the technology developed by Vilynx to improve Siri’s virtual assistance and photo app, making it easier to find the videos.

Another application of Vilynx technology in Apple devices could be in the TV and News app in order to show more relevant content for users.

According to the newspaper, Apple intends to keep the Vilynx office in Barcelona, in order to turn it into one of the main research and development centers of artificial intelligence of the company in Europe.

This buy-sell agreement adds to the growing list of artificial intelligence companies that Apple has acquired in recent years. In fact, throughout 2020, Apple has purchased, Inductiv and Voysis to reinforce precisely this artificial intelligence technology.