Apartment List, a rental service that earns a fee only when a property is rented, raises $50M

Dec 21, 2020 ยท 1 min read
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With the the post-pandemic world devastating both renters and landlords alike, Apartment List is an aspiring startup looking to take take away initial fees normally found on real-estate platforms.

According to a Bloomberg report:

The Series D funding round was led by Janus Henderson Investors, a London-based global asset management group, with participation from Allen & Co., Canaan Partners, Tenaya Capital and Quantum Partners LP, a fund managed by Soros Fund Management LLC.

Founded in 2011 by John Kobs and Chris Erickson at TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco-based Apartment List makes money by tracking users who come to its website to view landlord rental postings. If users move into a listing they find, the landlord pays Apartment List for the lead on a new tenant. Kobs, now CEO, said he and Erickson created the company after having negative experiences as both renters and landlords.

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