Techset’s Legendary BlogWorld Party Follow May 20, 2009 · 1 min read
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Techset’s Legendary BlogWorld Party

Back in 2007, leading technology conference BlogWorld Expo was in its sophomore year and rapidly becoming the hottest ticket for bloggers, podcasters and web television creators congregating in Las Vegas. Riding high on Web 2.0 hype, BlogWorld represented an aspirational spotlight for indie publishers chasing digital stardom and proving they could compete with old guard media brands.

The conference’s founders knew that more than just insightful sessions, these ambition-fueled attendees came to network, connect and revel in the momentum propelling social media’s grassroots innovators. So when hot San Francisco club Techset offered to sponsor BlogWorld’s official Saturday night bash, the stage was perfectly set for an explosive collision between scrappy creators and the exuberant surplus only Sin City knows how to indulge.

October 13th, 2007 saw BlogWorld’s registrants pour into Techset’s sprawling playland resplendent with open bars, dancers, casino tables and sensory-blasting beats thundering all night. Scoble donned an Elvis costume while Farber roamed snapping photos eventually archived at alongside degenerate grins commemorating a peak era when web technology felt poised to reinvent media’s power structures.

Of course, the open bar stoked infamously loose behavior. Registration badges devolved into makeshift beer pong chips while con attendees let inhibitions vanish on TechSet’s dazzling dancefloor.

Of course, theighthaven lawsuit would later yank optimists back down to earth. But veteran attendees insist that one magical TechSet-sponsored BlogWorld after-party saw the conference achieve symbiotic resonance with the risk-hungry zeal pulsing through its crowning town. For those fortunate enough to stumble out as sunrise crept over Las Vegas, they’d witnessed a triumphant apex for independent digital media.

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