Artificial intelligence is in a period of great boom, which is patented in each of the news we have commented on in recent times. This is no wonder, since it is one of the cornerstones of the present historical period, often referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And although it seems that the development of this technology is mainly in the hands of the large technology companies we know, new initiatives have also emerged, with new participants in the area, among which we chose two to stand out on this occasion, because of their originality.

A land transport service that equates its delivery times with air transport:

Using the resources provided by artificial intelligence and Big Data, the Madrid platform Trucksters proposes a land freight transport system based on a system of "relays" between drivers, improving working conditions and reducing the risk of accidents and waiting times.

Its technology is based on the analysis of the different flows of freight operators, to identify the specific long-distance routes on which the service will be provided.

After carrying out this survey, the platform opens specific long-distance lines, to accept trips only on those specific routes, in order to obtain the necessary density.

Afterwards, it is the turn of positioning drivers in different points, to establish the relay shifts, allowing drivers to work for more than one fleet.

The transport process is always coordinated and monitored by Trucksters, assuming a role similar to that of a traffic agent.

Currently, after two years of operation, Trucksters' routes cover part of the territory of Spain, France and Germany. It is projected for the beginning of 2021 to extend its route to more territories within the European continent.

Recently, they were awarded the Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award by the Línea Directa Foundation, obtaining funding and advice to give a new boost to this startup.


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