Amazon Prohibits Foreign Seed Sales Follow Sep 06, 2020 · 1 min read
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The company Amazon has banned the sale in the United States of plants sent from abroad, after thousands of suspicious packages - many from China - arrived this summer in homes around the world, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

The e-commerce giant informed foreign sellers that as of Sept. 3, imports of plant products or seeds into the United States would no longer be allowed, according to an email to which the U.S. media has had access.

The message also indicates that offers from vendors who depend on Amazon to fulfill their orders, and who have inventory stored in the Washington-based company’s warehouses, will be eliminated as of September 30.

What has happened?

The text details that foreign sellers will have to remove their offers from the platform on the same day. The company assures that the measure seeks to protect its clients.

Amazon has also updated its public regulations to reflect the new policy, which prohibits the import of seeds into the US or the sale of seeds within its territory by non-US residents.

In recent months, thousands of people from different countries, such as the US, Canada or the UK, have received packages with seeds that they did not order. Many contained postmarks from China and often claimed to contain jewelry, toys or other products.

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