Amazon partners with sustainable brands in Europe

Oct 30, 2020 · 3 mins read
Amazon partners with sustainable brands in Europe
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Amazon will help sustainable brands sell more on their platfom. The company announced today the launch of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The new program will help Spanish customers discover and buy sustainable products more easily. In their searches, customers will now see the “Climate Pledge Friendly” label on more than 40,000 items in Europe to indicate that those products have one or more of the 19 different sustainability certifications included in the program and that they help protect the environment, for example by reducing the carbon footprint of shipments to our customers.

The Climate Pledge Friendly selection includes food, home, office, fashion, beauty, electronic devices and other categories for consumers and businesses from brands such as Unilever’s Cif Ecorefill and Seventh Generation, Faith in Nature, HP, Haglöfs, Calida, Esprit and Kite Clothing. Climate Pledge Friendly products are clearly identified in the purchase search results and on the product pages, where additional information on sustainability is included, and are presented in a specific section in the Spanish store. This new section includes products from hundreds of small and medium sized Spanish and European companies.

Amazon is working with reliable third-party certifications so that customers can discover sustainable products that meet sustainability standards that help preserve the planet. Climate Pledge Friendly includes a wide range of global certifications and Amazon will also add the European certifications of the EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel and Nordic Swan. Amazon is working with more certifications and brands to expand the selection of Climate Pledge Friendly products.

As part of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, it has also launched Compact by Design, a new externally validated certification created by Amazon to identify products that, while they may not always appear different, are more efficiently designed. By eliminating excess air and water, the products require less packaging, which makes shipping more efficient. At scale, these small differences in the size and weight of a product result in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

One example is Faith in Nature’s plastic-free shampoo bars that are certified as Compact by Design and provide a waste-free alternative to bottled shampoo. Their solid shampoo weighs only a quarter of the weight of a liquid shampoo, significantly reducing weight and packaging.

“Climate Pledge Friendly is an easy way for customers to discover more sustainably certified products that help preserve the environment,” said Mariangela Marseglia, VP and General Manager of “With 18 external certification programs and our own Compact by Design certification, we will help encourage our business partners to create sustainable products that help protect the planet for generations to come.

Commitment to sustainability

The Climate Pledge Friendly initiative supports Amazon’s commitment to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement ten years earlier by becoming CO2 neutral by 2040. The company has already committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and has ordered more than 1,800 customized electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz for delivery to customers in Europe. Amazon has launched the Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion fund to support visionary companies whose products and services facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Amazon is also working to minimize waste, increase recycling and provide options for customers to reuse, repair and recycle. As part of this effort, a wide range of single-use and oxo-biodegradable plastic products are being removed from European stores to help prevent plastic waste. Based on these actions, Amazon will now provide customers with access to product options that align with their commitment to a more sustainable future.