AWS Unveils Amazon Q to Power Enterprise AI Assistants

new.blicio.us Follow Nov 28, 2023 · 1 min read
AWS Unveils Amazon Q to Power Enterprise AI Assistants
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced Amazon Q, a new generative AI service designed to build customized enterprise assistants. The cloud leader says Amazon Q can have natural conversations, solve problems, generate content, and take actions by tapping into a company’s data sources and systems.

Offered as a preview, Amazon Q aims to help employees get answers to questions, summarize reports, write documents, and automate tasks by interfacing with over 40 popular business apps and services. It draws responses from permitted content repositories and provides references to source materials.

AWS bills Amazon Q as a secure and private solution that meets stringent enterprise requirements out of the box. The service sports both general knowledge and expertise tailored to industry verticals. Amazon Q comes pre-loaded with connectors to platforms like Salesforce, SAP, and ServiceNow.

The launch includes three main Amazon Q solutions:

  • Amazon Q for Business: A customizable AI assistant to boost productivity and efficiency by leveraging a company’s existing knowledge base.
  • Amazon Q for Developers: Expert guidance for building, deploying, and managing apps on AWS.
  • Amazon Q for Customer Service: Recommended real-time responses and actions to help call center agents resolve support tickets quickly.

Amazon Q for Business is now available in preview in US East and US West regions. Those interested can request early access through AWS. The launch represents AWS’s latest move to court enterprise AI demand amid fierce competition from rivals like Microsoft, Google, and startups. Generative language models could transform how knowledge workers collaborate and automate workflows.

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