Agile Project Management

Mar 27, 2021 · 2 mins read
Agile Project Management
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Project management is a broad field. A project falls into one of three categories. The first type of a project is a simple effort to create a stream of income. There are many different ways that this or other class of project can also be defined. Another type of a project is for specific public works and/or services to be created. This second type falls into the broader area of project. Organizations tend to use the strictly successor model but one end match for another by using a hierarchy of projects. Another defining way of a project is the functional project. This can be viewed as a zipper in and zipper out model. For example, Texas area energy projects are made possible by Austin Energy. Yet another form of a project is one that is undertaken for specific purposes. There are other ways but for the sake of brevity, we will stick with the simple twonk model in defining project management. As you can find with a agile project management qualification.

Let’s apply these concepts to a business that is a public utility. In this case the taxing authority formed a public utility to aid local authorities in the integration of energy and pumping fuels to and from the facility. Although one can see many things on this diagram, the power company work is project related and within those specific project categories we can apply a variety of things. It is the project manager, someone from within the corporate business, will ensure proper applicants to be holding eligible project certifications. These certifications can then be demonstrated. Our goal is to have the proper inputs and outputs match up to our correct categorizing of our company, project, and/or service.

The project planning processes can also be seen within this qualification list. It would be unfair to say that one would save money if a proper planning process is not used to ensure the correct outputs are produced. Our purpose in producing essential project documentation is to apprise the board of directors on how to accurately complete the proper documentations necessary to produce our project.

It is everyone’s responsibility to oversee everything that is involved in what we call project management. If development and utility markets are to benefit from the backlog of projects put in, everyone must be involved and make sure everything best meets the project management criteria, as far as project management.

Of course, that is not the complete order of project who is required to be involved. An accurate set of project management resources are required to complete all of the above. The easiest way to say it is one should have a project management individual that has a project management certification. Part I was discussing this qualification in terms of other forms of project management. Specifically I have used project, charter, and construction management in every stationary category. And I have applied all of those on-chart and approval forms, planning and design documents, and any other documents necessary to effectively perform the project.

Project Management stub (SMSTS Course Requirements) has been created to provide theexamined theory and real world practice regarding project management.