Windows are very important in our homes, since they not only allow light and heat to enter, but also brighten up our view (although here it will depend on where we live). This is something that has taken on greater value with millions of people confined to their homes across the planet.

Window Swap is a website that invites us to "open a new window anywhere in the world". Its creators, Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam say that "we must face it: we are all trapped inside, and it will be a while before we travel again".

You can record your views and share them with others:

Just click on the button in the middle of the page, and we can automatically enjoy the views in other people's houses. Besides the video, another positive point is that we will be able to enjoy the soundscape of that place.

In the upper left part it appears whose house it is, while in the upper right part the town we are travelling to. When we get tired, in the lower part we will find a button that will take us to a new window.

It can be an oasis if in your apartment or place you live you don't have very good views, placing these videos in full screen and believing that you are spending this moment in a very different place.

It will have to be ten minutes long and, as in the other examples on this website, it will be necessary to show the frame, as well as indicating your name and the place where you live.


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