A platform that helps you assemble a computer piece by piece

Dec 25, 2020 · 3 mins read
A platform that helps you assemble a computer piece by piece
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Setting up a computer from scratch is an adventure, as it allows you to build a workstation that is tailored to the particular needs of its user. However, this could prove to be a complex task for those who do not master the knowledge required to avoid shocks along the way.

As an aid, even for those more experienced users, PC Builder is presented, a web platform that helps to select and quote the components of the equipment you want to assemble, piece by piece.

An improved component quotation system

PC Builder’s proposal is far from being a mere aggregator of items for sale or a price comparator. Its added value lies in the fact that besides allowing you to quote components for the assembly of a computer, it also checks the compatibility between the parts chosen, to avoid bad surprises later on.

This verification process is one of the great challenges that arise at the time of acquiring the necessary components for the assembly of a computer. Even if the person behind this task masters enough background or experience in this, nowadays, despite the facilities available to access certain information, some manufacturers have left gaps in this matter.

With this background, the work of PC Builder takes on a greater significance, since its analyses of compatibility between parts are based, in addition to the background expressly shared in the official documentation of each device, on data about specific cases that can only be found in other help forums, specialized portals and also, offline sources, such as manuals or instructions.

With this large database available, searches can be made through a more comfortable and reliable way.

This platform allows to completely customize the computer to be built, allowing to quote processors, motherboards, CPU coolers, cabinets, graphic card, RAM, energy storage, software, monitor and cabling.

As components are added, the quotation list will be updated with the parts that are added, plus their corresponding compatibility and price notes. This quotation can be embedded in a website thanks to a tool provided by the same platform and also, a link to the configuration you assembled can be shared with anyone.

Apart from this tool for customizing the construction of a computer, PC Builder has some pre-configured proposals and another section especially dedicated to laptops.

A project born from empathy

In the presentation of PC Builder, its creators commented that the inspiration came from an experience they had around the assembly of a PC Gamer, not without difficulties, especially in terms of compatibility issues.

After a year, this digital library of tools emerged, in search of a solution to difficulties of this type, which arise as a result of the lack of updated information and easy access on the web.

As a complement, this platform has a forum, in which its community of users can exchange experiences, raise or answer questions and make contributions to the same platform.

Even if you are not looking for the final purpose of quoting the assembly of a complete computer, the site has a component browser, which will allow you to browse through 21 different categories.

If you want to explore this interesting platform, you can find it together with some complementary data in PcBuilder.net.