Windows 7 Arrives with a Bang

Windows 7 has arrived with a bang. But unlike the launch of XP (remember “Start Me Up”?), the hype seems more directed, initially, at the tech community as opposed to the average consumer.

Windows offered Launch Party kits, so you could host your own celebration over getting rid of Vista. Additionally, Microsoft is part of a host of deals, including an impressive laptop/netbook/desktop bundle for $1200 and a buy a new Win 7 PC/get an additional free copy of Win 7 free deal.

Perhaps the most surprising news is that Microsoft is moving into the retail arena. In a move obviously calculated to hit at Apple, Microsoft has relaunched an online store and opened new retail locations. That’s right – it won’t be long before the Apple Store in your local mall will be neighbors with the Microsoft Store. Sort of strange, isn’t it?

According to Microsoft Senior Program Manager Trevin Chow:

On the new online Microsoft Store, we’ve added a bunch of new products, including Windows 7 PCs as well as select 3rd party software and accessories. And let’s not forget a ton of gaming products that have been added including a bunch of the top selling Xbox 360 titles.

We initially launched the online store last November, and since then we have had nearly a years worth data coming in from usability studies, web analytics and direct customer feedback. Based on all of this data, coupled with the newly expanded product catalog, one of the biggest goals we had in this release was to simplify site navigation for our customers. With the new site, you’ll notice a re-designed categorization, navigation and filtering system aimed to make it easier and faster to navigate as well as help you find products you want more quickly.

Oh and about those Launch Parties? Funny or Die has a great video on hosting your own Windows 7, um, Torrenting Party.