Purchase Instagram Followers and 7 Reasons You Need Instagram Advertising to Grow Your Brand

new.blicio.us Follow Feb 01, 2020 · 4 mins read
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So you might have across several reasons why Instagram is great for your business. But how could you actually be so sure that it’s helpful for your business, without wasting your time and resources?

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most important social media channels around, and any marketer who isn’t tapping on its potential is missing out big time.

So, whether you’re handling the social media of a big company, small business, or using it to promote your personal brand, Instagram advertising is a must!

Here are the seven reasons why you need Instagram advertising to grow your brand:

1. Improve brand reach

Do you know that there are over a billion Instagram users that are active on the platform at least once a day? Most of them are actively trying to purchase Instagram profiles and ads.

With approximately half of the Instagrammers visiting a business profile each day, chances are, your business wouldn’t be one of them if you don’t have an active presence on the platform!

Think of Instagram as an extension of your company. The more present you are on the platform, the more present you’ll be to your target audience there.

2. Its visuals

The main thing that separates Instagram from all other platforms on social media is that it’s extremely photo-centric.

Unlike other social media channels, it’s mostly made up of photos and videos that could be accompanied by text. But the text isn’t always necessary.

This will benefit you in the long run because most people are likely to remember what they see and hear.

Apart from that, videos tend to outperform images when it comes to overall engagement. However, both videos and images outperform social media posts that don’t have either.

A highly visual-centric platform like Instagram allows followers to remember your brand better, making them likely to engage with your content. These factors bring your Instagram followers closer to making a purchase.

3. Increases user engagement

Do you know that engagement on Instagram is typically higher than any other social media site? The ratio of comments and likes on Instagram is typically higher than the total comments and likes of any other social media site.

4. You can work with influencers

In social media, you have regular users, and there are influencers. Influencers are like online celebrities that promote brands and products, to their respective followers.

Working with the right influencer could bring your sales to a whole new level through higher ROI and access to demographics that you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

If you work with a well-known influencer in your industry, then they could help you spread the word about your company, products or services, to thousands (even millions) of followers in just a few posts.

5. It drives higher sales

Like we said earlier, platforms like Instagram generate more engagement, and potentially, more sales.

In fact, according to Shopify, the usual price tag of a sale referred from Instagram is higher as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Just be careful not to fill your feed with the same product visuals and captions that ask people over and over to “Buy Now” or to “Shop More.” Instead, look for creative ways how to market your products, and make your visuals speak for themselves.

6. More traffic to your site

One of the most crucial things is driving traffic on your website. Well, the good news is, you can drive traffic from your site via social media platforms like Instagram! Just make sure that you place on the bio the link of your site (this is the only place where you could place an active link on Instagram.) It also helps that you have a SEO plan as well.

You could then use call-to-actions (CTAs) in your posts to generate more traffic on your site. You could also utilize a specific landing page in your site as the link in your bio for you to capitalize on users that come from Instagram.

7. It is good for building a brand

Unlike other social media channels, you can’t send traffic on your website with every post that you make on Instagram. It’s because you can’t place active links on your post except the one in your bio.

But that’s also the main users why more users follow and interact with you on the platform. That’s because they know that you’re not trying to actively sell them products, or anything for that matter.

So, use it to highlight your company culture, upload photos that directly supports your mission, and share user-generated content. By humanizing your brand and being authentic, this type of content can build trust and could build a lifetime of customers.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Those are the top reasons why you need Instagram to grow your business in the long run. Building a strong presence on Instagram might take a lot of work, but the benefits that you reap are worth it in the end!

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