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50 Fintech Startups to keep an eye on this decade
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Fintech is a booming industry as more of our finances are being intertwined with the internet. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s receiving massive funding in not only in Silicon Valley, but in Europe and East Asia as well.

Here is a list that we compiled based on where venture capital has been flowing in the past year. We will be editing this list as the headlines roll in.

1. Flipsimply

In simple terms Flipsimply is a fintech tech startup where you can find exclusive collective investment opportunities. Here individuals can diversify their investment portfolios, funding brand projects that aim to grow. Obviously you can also share the successes of the same, this once the previously established time has been reached.

2. Findoit

Findoit is an online planning tool that uses machine learning and blockchain. In this way it seeks to offer objective suggestions and guarantee validity. Here users who manage to plan their finances quite well and achieve their goals.

It should be mentioned that it also has an App that is available for companies and offers a global financial advice service. All this is done only on one platform, so it is extremely practical.

3. Revolut

This is one of the most interesting fintech tech startups around the world and is in the financial services, payments and cryptocurrency industry. It is based in London and defines itself as a global money App. In addition, it offers multiple services that are related to savings, mobile payments, international transfers, tools for saving or buying cryptocurrency, etc.

It should be mentioned that this startup has been expanding its services in order to adapt to the needs of such a connected world.


This is a Fintech payments and security startup located in New York. Their job is to offer a new way to make online purchases without sharing personal information or credit card number. Thanks to this startup it is possible to create a unique card number for each of the purchases to be made. In this way, it seeks to avoid problems derived from security breaches in e-commerce or hidden subscriptions.

5. Aplazame

This is a startup that offers payment solutions for both private and corporate customers. To achieve this, the application is used, where customers can decide when and how they want to pay for the purchases they make and not only online, but also in physical stores. It is worth mentioning that companies that offer the Aplazame service to their customers, as a payment method, have shown an increase in their sales.

6. Finweg

This startup makes use of blockchain technology to offer innovative solutions in electronic payment methods that are available in the market. Thanks to the technology it applies, they can manage contracts between companies in a completely secure and efficient way. To do so, it makes use of a fully unified platform for each of the actors involved in the entire process.

7. Wealthsimple

This is another of the most innovative fintech startups in the world and what it does is to offer Canadian online investment management services. What it is specifically looking for is to be able to make investing easier for millennials. That said, in 2019 it started with its expansion in the United States and had more than $2 billion in assets under management.

8. N26

This is a German Fintech that offers service in most of the Eurozone, but has also expanded into the United States. It offers a mobile banking application, which has the quality of not operating without a single physical branch. That said, you need to know that this startup entered the U.S. market in the first quarter of 2019.

9. Kreditech Holding

This is a company that makes use of data, proprietary algorithms and automated workflows to be able to acquire, identify and help customers in minutes or seconds. What this specialized company does is to grant microloans and loans, and it uses machine learning to do so. In this way, better financing can be offered to customers.

10. Onfido

Onfido is a startup that will help you verify the identity of people by combining a photo ID, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms. It is based in London and makes use of manual technologies combined with machine learning to be able to scan the images and thus prevent fraud.

11. Acorn OakNorth Holdings

This is a company that makes use of processes, machine learning and technology to improve or rather drive data-driven decision making throughout the loan lifecycle. At the same time it helps in the automation of banking services. It is a platform specialized in lending to small and medium enterprises. All this is done through its data and technology platform: ACORN.

12. Baluwo

This is a Spanish Fintech with a business model that allows African immigrants living in Europe to make transfers to their countries of origin. One of the aspects that stand out is that money movements are not made in cash, but in the form of checks to buy food or obtain services such as electricity or cell phone credit. It is worth mentioning that it has providers such as Orange, Africell, American Rice or Le Baobab.

13. PrimaryBid

This is a startup that has raised more than 50 million euros and is dedicated to improving access to public markets for retail investors. It does this through order bundling. For this precise year the company is going to stand out because it will allow retail investors to access new company share issues.

14. Tickr

In this case we have an application with which you will be able to invest in companies that have a positive impact and offset your carbon footprint. One of the most outstanding aspects of this Fintech startup is that it will facilitate ethical and environmentally-involved investment.

At the same time two key trends are greatly benefited from this Fintech and that is that young savers can become investors. In addition, it responds to the demand to create financial products so that people’s personal financial decisions are aligned with their values.

15. Flagstone

This company has raised 25.67 million euros and is dedicated to helping individuals, SMEs and charities manage their cash. To do so, all you need is a Flagstone account. For this year, one of the main aspects that will stand out is that it optimizes performance and also reduces risks. It also helps banks and building societies at a lower cost.

16. Zego

This is a company that has raised more than 42 million euros, providing a wide range of flexible, on-demand insurance for gig economy workers. Zego is in charge of responding to the dynamic needs of its customers. So it has great potential to grow organizations exponentially and effectively, giving customers in the on-demand world the ability to grow in both delivery and supply.

17. Upvest

Another of the most innovative Fintech tech startups is Upvest, which was founded in 2017 and provides a scalable API for other Fintech startups to bid pan-European securities. For this precise year the company can stand out quite a bit for building a first defi (Decentralized Finance) API company that enables access to a blockchain-based platform for the alternative investment industry.

18. Adyen

This is a global payments company that enables businesses to accept e-commerce payments, mobile payments and point-of-sale payments. This is a fairly innovative fintech startup that manages to improve the customer experience quite a bit, as well as the processes involved and the performance of the business itself.

19. Clover Health

This is a healthcare company based in San Francisco and its goal is to be able to use data and preventive care to improve health insurance for seniors. Thanks to the technology the company uses, they can recognize when patients are in need of medical treatment and then intervene in their care with their own team of nurses and social workers.

20. Compass

This is another of the most innovative Fintech startups, being also a leading provider of pricing technology for lenders. It develops cutting-edge mortgage analytics and offers advisory and active risk management services for mortgage banks, traders, investors and banks. Importantly, this company bases its decisions on complex algorithms and Big Data.

21. Revolut

With the application of this company and a prepaid card users will be able to make transfers or spend money in different currencies and even cryptos. All this without the need to suffer exchange rate charges. At the same time, with its application users can keep track of their expenses in detail and invest in any financial product.

22. 51 Credit Card

This is an investor company that operates a P2P lending platform. This platform is targeted for credit card holders in China. It is a major campaign offering personal financial services such as personal credit management, credit card technology and investment services. At the same time, it aims to facilitate online credit.

23. OneConnect Financial Technology

This company is one of the leading Fintech SaaS providers of advanced technology business solutions for small and medium-sized financial institutions. As we should imagine, being a Fintech, its solutions are based on best-of-breed technologies. In fact, it makes use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud platforms and even biometric identification.

24. Lufax

Another fintech startup is Lufax which is nothing more than an online loan and wealth management platform. It belongs to Ping An Group and its goal is to offer the most complete wealth management platform in the world. To achieve its goal it makes use of Big Data and IT technologies. It also uses the most advanced risk assessment and control models.

25. Qudian

This is another Fintech headquartered in China that works in micro student loans, payment and investment management. The same one works on two main business platforms, to start with, we have consumer finance and then there are micro credit loans. It is worth mentioning that its target audience is focused on consumers in China who do not use credit cards.

26. ZhongAn

This is an insurance company located in Shanghai and stands out for making use of cloud computing, big data and new technologies for various purposes. For example, it works on product design, automatic claims settlement, market positioning analysis, risk control and back-end claims services.

27. Avant

This is a high-tech Fintech startup that works in the creation of innovative and practical financial products for all consumers. Thanks to this company it is possible to effectively mitigate the risk of non-compliance and fraud. To achieve this, it makes use of big data algorithms and artificial intelligence.

28. 2gether

2gether is a collaborative banking platform whose goal is to improve customer economies. It wants to achieve this with the use of its native token, the 2GT. Thanks to this platform, users will be able to manage their traditional and future economies according to the cryptocurrency, which represents as many services or assets as possible.

29. AREX

Among the best fintech startups we have AREX which works as a 3-step Dealflow where the goal is to solve the problems of low liquidity and global accessibility in real estate markets. In this way both companies and investors, can list and transact their assets globally.

This Startup makes use of Blockchain & AI to certify, analyze and store digital documents and IDs. All this will serve to create the basis for an international real estate market such as the stock market.

30. BDEO

This startup offers its clients a complete package of visual intelligence to avoid fraud in the traditional claim management processes. Thanks to this, high operational costs can be reduced. Thanks to BDEO only with a smartphone you can initiate a video call or receive photos, guaranteeing that it was taken at your location and the time of the incident by making use of blockchain technology.

31. Change Labs

This company has developed an AI-based technology to be able to monitor bank accounts and credit cards. In this way it seeks to identify behavioral patterns and predict immediate financial problems. At the same time, it identifies opportunities for banks to proactively address these events using their existing banking services.

32. eToshi

The main objective of this Fintech is to develop a platform for users to make investments and manage portfolios, administer different solutions and make use of tokens. It aims to offer an extremely user-friendly product with incredible potential, giving it the opportunity to remove obstacles for people who are not so much into technology, but want to enter the investment ecosystem.

33. Fiona

This is a financial services company that makes use of blockchain, offering an excellent digital total custody solution. It is controlled by smartphones for institutional investors. Thanks to this it manages to offer a frictionless experience for asset protection and servicing. It should be mentioned that it safeguards a secure and cost-effective infrastructure based on state-of-the-art banking standards.

34. Polaroo

Another of the most important Fintech startups is Polaroo, a platform to unify, simplify, manage and pay monthly gas, water, electricity and telecommunications services. In this way, having indicated your place of residence, the services you want to manage and the preferences of each person, the platform will take care of offering a personalized plan for each member of the household.

35. Remitly

This Fintech has its location in Seattle, WA and operates a fairly intuitive platform with which you can simplify the process of sending money to loved ones abroad quite a bit. In fact, it offers several ways to send and receive funds in a variety of currencies. Here you can find bank deposit, cash payment, home delivery and mobile money services with immediate payments available.

36. JD Finance

This is a Fintech startup that closely manages potential risks in order to offer improved financial services. At the same time it seeks to reduce the costs of financial services in general. It works under six business lines, which include supply chain finance, payment services, insurance, securities services, crowd funding, wealth management.

37. Klarna

This is another quite popular startup that provides payment solutions to e-merchants, targeted for both merchants and shoppers. Thanks to Klarna shoppers can receive lost goods before any payment, so it is Klarna who assumes the credit and fraud risk. In this way retailers can be sure that they will receive their money.

38. Square

This is a mechanism that gives you a great facility in mobile payments. But also offer various services for sellers to boost sales such as digital analytics, financing and marketing tools. It also makes the whole payment system and even restaurant reservations much easier for buyers.

39. Xero

Xero is an online accounting software that is quite easy to use for small businesses. It is a cloud-based program with which users can access the database anytime, anywhere and from any device. Thanks to this tool you can build a trusting relationship with your small business customers through online collaboration.

40. Kabbage

This startup offers an automated financing platform, thanks to its real-time market analytics. It can measure business activity, accounting data, online sales, shipped to determine and cash advances to companies. Overall, it is a fairly comprehensive automated financing platform.

41. OurCrowd

This is a crowdfunding platform that is equity-based. The same is built for accredited investors to provide Israeli startup venture capital funds. The goal of this startup is to be able to expand its market to a national level, and that is why accredited investors in the community can make minimum investments of $10,000 per deal.

42. Affirm

This is a Fintech that wants to rebuild financial technology from scratch by granting simple micro loans. Thanks to this anyone can convert any purchase into monthly installment payments.

It is worth mentioning that here the pricing is based on real-time marginal risk data and generating a risk score for each transaction. This makes all aspects of lending transparent.

43. Circle

This is a provider of payment tools for Bitcoin and other digital currency services. It should be added that the company makes available to its users an application, which is also intended for businesses and charities. What is sought with this application is to be able to facilitate the use of online payments and in people, basically, to make it easier for companies, organizations and individuals to make online payments.

44. Lending Kart

Another great Fintech startup is Lending Kart and it focuses on facilitating capital for entrepreneurs. This way they can focus on their business instead of worrying about deficiencies in their home flows.

This company has managed to develop technology tools based on Big Data analysis. As a result, it makes it easier for lenders to assess borrower creditworthiness. However, it should not be forgotten that it also offers related services.

45. Wealthfront

This is a company that is focused on the consideration of wealth management services, being normally reserved for the upper echelons. At the same time it takes care of their automation and deposits them directly to investors at a rather low cost. In fact, there may not even be any costs for accounts of less than $10,000.

46. Spotcap

This is an online lending platform that provides fast and flexible financing for small businesses. As we can imagine, being a Fintech, it makes use of innovative credit scoring technology. In this way it can directly evaluate all the actual data of the company to provide a much faster and flexible financing.

47. Lendix

On the other hand, we have Lendix which allows private investors, professionals and institutions to obtain attractive returns. But that’s not all, it also allows to help small and medium-sized companies to find a very simple and effective financing, obviously allowing to go a little further than common banking institutions.

At the moment this startup has managed to originate 43 million euros of loans to 151 development projects for SMEs of all sizes and sectors.

48. Stripe

This is a Fintech that offers a means of accepting online payments and mobile applications. To do so, it makes use of local and international bank card accounts. It is worth mentioning that since its inception, its products have expanded to include credit cards, subscription-based billing and credit cards.

49. Elliptic

This is a company that has managed to raise a total of more than 33 million euros and is dedicated to supporting encryption operators and funded institutions. Specifically, it works with the aforementioned groups that are becoming more and more traditional to help them meet regulatory compliance obligations.

For this year 2021 this particular company is going to stand out quite a bit, especially as cryptocurrencies are having an all-time high reach and becoming much more popular every day.

50. Tink

Last but not least among the most important Fintech startups we have Tink, which has raised more than 250 million euros. Its work consists of enabling more than 3,400 banks across Europe to share customer payment account data. This is provided that users give their consent, with third parties, including Fintechs, in order to access and develop new products.

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