Integrating Sage 50Cloud allows you to manage your SME with efficiency and security.

Feb 20, 2021 · 2 mins read
Integrating Sage 50Cloud allows you to manage your SME with efficiency and security.
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Spain is a land of small and medium-sized companies. It is a fact. As is the fact that their competitiveness is essential to survive and form part of the economic fabric. Currently, one of the elements that differentiate modern SMEs from those that are not, is their efficiency in purchases and stocks, and the speed in sales management. Therefore, knowing and knowing how to apply tools such as Sage is important, but it is not everything.

This ERP (enterprise resource planning system) “is not just a software tool,” says José Luis Giral. He is a professor of the Specialization Course in SME Management with Sage 50cloud that he teaches at the CEF - Centro de Estudios Financieros. In the course they use this comprehensive application in the cloud to give “a review of all areas of the company and thus facilitate management,” says Giral.

This degree aims to provide, using the Sage 50cloud tool, an integrated view of the software and specifically of its purchasing, sales, accounting and taxation areas, and their involvement in the management of the company. It is therefore designed for SME personnel who are currently working with this ERP or will be doing so in the near future, and who are looking to obtain knowledge that will enable them to complement their results-oriented training, make the right decisions and streamline processes.

“Beyond” optimization

“We must not forget that sooner or later, as is already happening in other countries in the European environment, the approval of systems will be an important requirement,” recalls the CEF teacher. Specifically, Giral sees two profiles that can particularly benefit from this specialization. On the one hand, the administrative or accountant, so that he is “knowledgeable about the different aspects of company management to facilitate his role as a user”.

On the other hand, it is very useful for the rest of the team, to be able to “exploit the possibilities offered by the program in decision making,” says the professor. The course is aimed at all those professionals who need to update their knowledge of ContaPlus with the Sage 50cloud application in order to know how to interpret all the data provided by the tool. However, “the CEF.- goes beyond that,” assures Giral.

“It will not only know the tool or expand knowledge, but it will reconcile all areas of the company for the optimization of results and streamline processes.” In other words, it is the combination of technical knowledge and the use of tools that “saves time in implementation and security in management,” he adds.

Giral has been a manager for years in companies of various sizes. He is currently an advisor to management control companies, so he has extensive experience in this field. “CEF.- is a specialist in accounting and tax management at all levels, from the initial to the highest level,” he stresses. “This course is a complement to the extensive training (office automation, occupational hazards, etc.) offered by the company.