3D Paper Dolls at Couturious

Jan 05, 2010 · 1 min read
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I used to love paper dolls, especially the American Girl ones! Changing their outfits and adding accessories was so much easier than Barbie’s with tangled hair or twisting limbs to get in the way of my superb 8-year-old styling skills!

Now that I’m all grown up, I still have the urge to play in my closet and style outfits I can wear someday to something. But it’s still with my clothes that I’m mostly sick of and it’s styling on me, which isn’t always the greatest experience.

Today, I came across Couturious, a visual styling tool from Like.com that launched into beta a few months back. Similar to Polyvore who I posted about before, Couturious allows users to style to their liking with a vast index of clothing and accessories from an array of known and unknown designers.

Couturious however, lets you style on what looks like a 3D paper doll. Change the background, change her hair and dress her up from head to toe with the latest and greatest fashions just like the paper dolls! To make the styling selection a bit easier, you can start with the ‘mood’ of your look like casual chic, romantic or edgy and then scroll through the endless selection of clothing, shoes, bags and more and let your styling skills let lose!

Fall in love with an outfit you created? You can purchase the items on the site also, so no additional searching is needed, so fun!