Top 10 Indian Startups to Watch Follow Sep 05, 2021 · 5 mins read
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There are a number of incredible startups in India today. These startups not only survived the pandemic, but thrived in it, managing to grow incredibly fast by meeting and exceeding customer needs.

In total, Indian startups raised a total of $8.4 Billion between January 2020 and mid-November 2020. This represented a 30% decrease compared to the funds raised in 2019. But for this year 2021, it is estimated to raise around $9.3 Billion.

In view of the above, it is not crazy to state that this 2021 Indian startups will go up. In fact, it is really difficult to establish a top 10 of the companies that will have the highest growth. Without further ado, we present our top 10.

##1. Jumbotail:

This startup is dedicated to the online grocery marketplace for businesses. In addition to providing abundant inventory and fast delivery options, Jumbotail also offers credit to these neighborhood businesses based on the company’s unique knowledge of those businesses’ sales and inventory. Jumbotail closed a $1 billion Series B funding round in October 2020, with projections for similar proceeds in 2021. Its offices are in Bangalore and its total funding is $36.4 billion.

2. Loan Frame:

A company dedicated to SME lending in India. It was founded in 2015, offering credit and financial solutions for SMEs. The company most recently raised $10 billion in December 2019. This startup specializes in inventory financing and unsecured loans.

They have already distributed over 20,000 loans and SMEs can check their eligibility in less than 60 seconds. Watch out for Loan Frame in 2021 as they continue to gain more market share with better technology and innovative solutions for India’s small businesses! Loan Frame operates out of New Delhi and total funding is $22.3 billion.

3. Unschool:

Deals in programming, digital marketing courses and coaching. They also teach online courses in technology, management and art. They have more than 200 experts or mentors in those fields. Surprisingly, subscribers and revenues have multiplied by more than 10% since February.

This startup is young, having been founded in 2019. But it came at the right time to capitalize on the massive demand for pandemic-accelerated online learning. Their offices are in Hyderabad, and while they haven’t released their total funding, we expect it to exceed expectations for this year.

4. Yellow Messenger:

Provides virtual assistants, conversation automation and conversation analytics for the world’s largest enterprises across different chat channels. The company raised $20 billion in Series B funding in April 2020 and is currently expanding into the U.S. and EU. It also counts global names such as Byju, Schlumberger and Dominos as clients. Like Jumbotail, its offices are in Bangalore and its total funding is $24 billion.

5. PharmEasy:

Founded in 2015, it has had an incredible growth streak that has only been further accelerated by the pandemic. The company offers prescription and over-the-counter drugs, diagnostic tests, and just about anything you could imagine seeing in your local pharmacy.

PharmEasy became an essential service in 2020 and in 2021 they may well experience more impressive growth. Located in Mumbai, they have $328 billion in funding.

6. Digit:

Offers auto, bike, commercial and travel insurance for India. The company has steadily added new forms of insurance, most recently covering Covid-19 costs through its health and travel insurance products. Digit has been on a roll almost since the day it was founded in 2016. Its offices are in Bangalore and its total funding is $179 billion.

7. CRED:

This company has turned boring into trendy. Instead of simply paying your credit bills and getting nothing in return, CRED turns this model on its head and offers you to pay your credit card bills on time and earn CRED coins, which can be redeemed for rewards or used to enter contests.

They have already attracted over 3 million members since their founding in 2018 and have raised $255 billion in total funds.

Most recently, in November 2020, they raised $88 billion, so their projection for 2021 is excellent. Cred has its offices in Bangalore.

8. Locus:

Locus helps big brands like Unilever, Nestle and BigBasket plan, track and optimize their distribution through shipping and tracking solutions. Locus even helps these companies optimize the “mix” of delivery vehicles they have in their fleet for long-, medium- and short-haul transportation. It has raised $28.8 billion and is expecting big growth in 2021.

9. Nanorred:

It is a machine learning model building platform. It focuses on key use cases such as invoice, driver’s license, passport and OCR ID card. The company has built out-of-the-box models for many common business problems and its technology is already being used by companies like Deloitte, Tesla and Doordash. With offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and San Francisco, its funding is $1.5 billion.


Voice recognition and voice assistant as a service company. Their technology can handle complex service, rating and activation needs without a human having to be involved.

They work primarily with banking, food and beverage and travel/hospitality businesses to enhance the experiences they offer customers through voice. They are in Bangalore and their funding is $5.1 billion.

Surely we must have skipped some Indian startups that could very well make it into this top 10. However, we invite you to follow very closely the growth of these companies we have shown you. You will not be disappointed.

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