Blue Radar Search – Digital Branding For Sports’ Coaches

Search Meets Sports:
Blue Radar Search is all about helping coaches digitally brand themselves and enhance their professional development. We aim to help new and assistant coaches get discovered while also aiding head coaches and hiring officials to find the right candidates to fit their programs.

We have around 50K coaches in our database and are looking for general feedback on the site as well as Coaches to take over and customize their profiles.  


Coach DB:

VerifyWP: Your time is precious. Here’s an idea—test all applicants, only interview the best.


VerifyWP aims to simplify the hiring of WordPress front-end or back-end developers. Hiring managers just need to invite all of their candidates to take the assessment and the results will show up in real time. Instead of reading through a ton of resumes, you can qualify their skills first and only interview the best candidates for the job. No more letting the really talented developers slip through the cracks. We are fully launched and trying to get in front of people who could really benefit from the platform.

Artificial general intelligence is here, and it’s useless

One of the most misunderstood ideas that’s polluting the minds of popular “intellectuals”, many of them seemingly accustomed with statistics and machine learning, is the potential or threat that developing an artificial general intelligence (AGI) would present to our civilization. Read More:!/a/Artificial%20general%20intelligence%20is%20here,%20and%20it’s%20useless

Eve Images – Edit, generate, and optimize images

Eve images is a New York based startup that combines machine learning with stock photo creation. Your images may be optimized by race, gender, emotion and other variables to perfectly fit your demographic. They are currently in Private Beta only, so sign up for the waiting list for the chance to try it out.  

Main Website:

Opt-in For Private Beta:

Expe – Peer to Peer Outdoor Recreation Rentals

We are a peer to peer rental platform for outdoor recreation items from tents and kayaks to ATV’s and UTV’s. The company in the platform development stage and should be launching fully during the summer or 2019. There are 2 founders. Learn how it works here:

Rags: A Disruption Startup

We’re launching our Indiegogo for Rags! Rags is a ZERO WASTE subscription clothing box to get handpicked, vintage outfits delivered to your door! Think a thrift store- but in a box (But completely customized for you)! Rags will be supporting those in-need in our community through financial aid, employment and career development & by partnering with grassroots initiatives to make a larger impact that large-scale nonprofits are willing to do. We are thankful for our freedom & for our ability to help others.

Bitstore – A Crypto Shopping Platform

With geographical locations, currency or lack of bank account being barriers for so many people to shop online, Bitstore has come up with a cryptocurrency-based solution to open up possibilities. is available in 20+ currencies and over 36 countries. Check out their list of stores to see what’s available near you.